Large Scale, Free-Roaming, State-Of-The-Art Wireless VR Gaming

Free-Roam VR

From young children to older adults, everyone can have the time of their life here at Zero Latency. We are proud to specialise in free roam VR entertainment that doesn’t confine you to small spaces. Instead, Zero Latency Abu Dhabi has a massive venue that’s home to the largest VR entertainment space in the world! 

Players are free to roam through our 225-square-meter facility, all while shooting zombies, running through space and time, and experiencing the excitement of a virtual world! 

We have tons of heart-pounding games that’ll blow you away! Whether you’re looking to blast away zombies or team up with your friends to save the world, Zero Latency has exhilarating games that feel like the real thing!

A VR Experience Like No Other

You throw on a headset, pick up your controller, and your heart starts pounding. As you’re propelled into a world of excitement and wonder, you begin to question your own reality. While this sounds like a science-fiction novel, this is what it’s like to play at Zero Latency Abu Dhabi. 

One moment you’re here, the next moment you’re sent into another universe. As things almost feel too real, your mind is blown. 

If you want to experience virtual reality like you never have before, book your session today!

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